the antidote.

We are not a website. We are a group of dreamers, thinkers, and doers. Based in Vancouver, BC., we specialize in communication strategy, brand collaborations, brand experiences and product development & sourcing.

Communication Strategy

When you brand something it becomes a microphone for your brand. This is why communication strategy is the foundation of all our projects. We help you say what you want to say. Whether it’s a story you want to tell or an identity you want to craft, we build strategies to meet your goals and embed your key messages in the details and execution of everything we do for you. (learn more…)

Brand Collaborations

We understand that brands have specific personalities. We look closely at your brand to find ways to strengthen it through collaborations with complimentary brands. We have exclusive access to create custom collaborations with a number of partners. These partner brands work with The Antidote because we understand their markets and have a proven track record of finding the right co-brand opportunities for them. (learn more…)

Brand Experiences

Brands are more than just products and services; they are a feeling, an identity. We enable consumers to fully experience your brand by bringing it to life. Through the planning and execution of unique activations and events, we connect consumers personally with the essence of your brand. (learn more…)

Product Development & Sourcing

We don’t want to simply do what’s been done before; we want to find new ways for your brand to grow. To do this we develop and source specialty items that fit seamlessly with your current product line and brand identity. These items are created specifically with your brand equity and sales growth in mind. (learn more…)

We live and breathe the very industries we aim to impact. This enables us to put brand integrity at the core of every project. Our unconventional solutions unlock new markets and help you expand your business.

-the antidote team